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Unforgettable Imagery

Submitted by tdroden on Sat, 01/15/2011 - 14:00.

Unforgettable Imagery

Joy of discovery transcends life's trials

(Photo by Andrew Gilbert)(Photo by Andrew Gilbert)

Andrew Gilbert, BA'10, was volunteering with Cross Cultural Solutions last year, stationed in the village of Karanga, just outside the town of Moshi in Tanzania. Early in his placement, he was taken to the nearby Neema Orphanage. “We went to the village store and bought supplies to bring for the orphans—soap, rice, oil and other necessary survival items. Upon arrival, we discovered that the orphans were suffering from a scabies outbreak and we were prohibited from having any physical contact. But the kids were still very excited we were there. The two boys in this photo started calling for us while perched in a window sill. They were fascinated at seeing their images on my digital camera. I'll keep this memory with me forever.” This photo by Gilbert, who graduated in November, won Best Overall in the 2010 University of Calgary International photo contest.

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