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Class Notes

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James W. Case, BSc’73, PhD’78, taught briefly as an assistant professor for the physics laboratory and was a world-class scientist, with a brilliant career in environmental biomonitoring and air pollution. He was born in Kimberley B.C. in 1951 and died in Calgary, March 1, 2011. His son is currently studying at the University of Calgary.

Paul Colver, BEd’71, has recently published the novel Before the Dawn, which has moved on to the second round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Also recently published is a book based on a course he teaches at the Elder College at Vancouver Island University–Aging Reversal: An Ayurvedic Approach to Wellness and Vitality.

Dr. Chris Eagle, MD’77, is the president and chief executive officer of Alberta Health Services.

Alex Knox, BSc’76, MSc’81, was appointed to the advisory board of Bolero Resources Corp.

Diane Swiatek, BA’69, BEd’71, founded Banbury Crossroads, a self-directed learning school in Calgary (see story on page 44). This multi-faceted venture has been illuminating in the field of education, and in December 2010, Diane was recognized with a Woman of Vision Award through Global TV and the YWCA.

Dr. Wendy Tink, BSc’72, MD’82, was named Outstanding Family Physician 2011 by the Department of Family Medicine at Alberta Health Services.